FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

help2Is it possible to have all the zip template files installed at once instead of downloading the files when a user uses a template for the first time?
Yes. It’s an option in the SetupWizard.
help2Are the pricing and sizing information pulled from the online service in real-time, or is a configuration file present locally that will be updated at specific intervals?
help2Are calendars and postcards included in the 3P Starter Edition?
In all editions, you can design any kind of product using the design mode of the 3P Publisher application.
help2Is it possible to set a limit to the number of pages to be printed per product?
Every product can be designed with any number of pages. You can even define surplus page packages, for which the user has to pay an additional price.
help2How will the cost of additional pages be taken into account?
It’s a product option defined in the Products.xml file, which is updated realtime.
help2How is the information relating to pricing, print size, preview image (on starting a new project) configured?
By Products.xml file, which is updated realtime. Before the user chooses a product, he will this always see the current prices and product options. You need to be able to parse this file in your backend, in order to reflect the options of the uploaded project in the storefront.
help2Is it possible to alter the tree menu on the left of the application to include/remove item categories?
Yes. You can define product categories and resources.
help2What efforts are required for launching?
You should be up & ready in about 3 weeks. You need to attach the 3P Desktop Publisher to you backend (migrate the 3P UploadConnector) and create the installer using the 3P SetupCreator. If you want to use the 3P Backend, the setup may take longer, depending on your business case and payment gateway requirements. Most customers order 3 days of assistance & schooling on top of the free basic installation service.
help2What is the bugfixing and release cycle?
We launch about 2-3 updates/hotfixes every year and a major release every 2 years. All updates and releases are free within the maintenance period. You will automatically receive new binaries inside the 3P SetupCreator, and it’s up to you to create a new installer and hand it on to your customers.
help2Are PDF files password-protected, so that users cannot print in another company?
In the offline mode - yes. The offline mode burns the files to CD. In the online mode, the PDF files can only be uploaded to the subshop with which they were created (SubshopID). After upload they are deleted on the user PC.
help2How do I remove a product from my portfolio?
Set the product to inactive in the Products.xml, and define an error message that is shown when the user opens a DTP file for this product. Then the user can no longer upload and order this product, but he can copy & paste content into a new DTP file for an active product. Read more...
help2Does the Macintosh version use the same product definitions as the Windows version?
Yes, incl. branding data. The installer will be created with the Windows SetupWizard however.
help2What are the user templates for?
If the user designs a page of his photobook, he can create a template from it, i.e. save the image & text placeholders (page layout) for reuse in the same project or in new projects.
help2How do I add general templates to a product, and how does the end user get theses changes?
Product template and layout files are designed in the design mode of the Publisher. All product information is stored on your server. All users receive product changes at defined update intervals. You define this interval value in the SetupWizard, which creates the Publisher installer. The product prices are located in the products.xml, which is updated every time the user starts the Publisher.
help2Do you have an automatic image correction like “Perfectly Clear”?
We have AIE (automatic image enhancement) which was developed in accordance to KODAK prerequisites. The AIE is done only at the time of the PDF export, thus not delaying the users design activities. It can be customized or even turned off in the AIE section of the products.xml. It can also be provided as an extra enhancement function in the user interface.
help2Can the Publisher software handle color profiles, i.e. automatically convert aRGB images to sRGB?
If a user inserts RGB images with an embedded input color profile or images using the aRGB profile, they will be automatically converted to sRGB by the Publisher application.
Since most computer screens are calibrated to sRGB, our Publisher software also does all image manipulation in sRGB. Therefore, all uploaded PDFs are also sRGB. If your printing machine does aRGB or any other color space, then you need to add a color profile to the Publisher installer accordingly. This output color profile is then applied to the whole page during PDF export. for more information, see section "ICCProfile" in the products.xml the chapter about Color Profiles.

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