3P Backoffice Administration

3P photo book editorTo ease the task of order processing and print production, we extended the OpenCart storefront with a specialized Web2Print BackOffice administration tool. This BackOffice runs in any browser, is updated through SVN from our server and includes an interface to all OpenCart database tables. It is designed with high flexibility, as it reads table definitions & queries directly from the database and can thus handle OpenCart updates and custom development.

Key features of the 3P BackOffice

  • Separate admin & printer login
  • Customer administration & order management with status history
  • Order processing with automatic state change notifications to customer
  • Email, invoice & shipping label templates
  • View uploaded PDFs directly from order record
  • Custom sales reports & statistic queries can be defined using MS-Access
  • Flexible database filtering & fulltext searching (filters can be stored & named)
  • All tables & queries exportable to CSV, HTML and PDF
  • Automatic cleanup of (unfinished) customer uploads after defined days
  • Automatic email reminder to reorder product before deletion
  • Automatic generation of printable PDFs (agents for background operations)
  • Flexible print queue definition & management
  • Print queues accessible through WebDAV, remote desktop, FTP, etc.
  • Shop configuration page and editable option tables
  • Automatic order status email notifications to customer


Customer & Order Management

Photo book software solution for commercial printersBehind the scenes, you will find a modern and scalable Backoffice administration panel, which was especially developed for the print and media industry. All orders from the 3P Desktop/Online Designers are uploaded to the 3P Online Backoffice. Orders, Accounts and Contacts list views can be viewed, edited, sorted, filtered and searched.

The order detail view can be reached directly from the order list view. From the detail view, you can create mailings and PDF documents, such as package and delivery receipts, and manually change the status of a job position. A change of status is then displayed in the store front to the customer. The change may also trigger a defined action, such as the transfer of production data to the production workflow, or the automatic sending of emails.

The complete communication with your client will be automaticly done by 3P. The client will automatically receive order status change notifications and invoices.


Photo book software solution for commercial printers


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