3P OpenCart Storefront

Photo book software solution for commercial printersInstead of reinventing the wheel, we decided to use OpenCart as a base for our 3P storefront, one of the worlds best known open source shopping systems. We connected our print product extensions and award-winning DTP Desktop Editors to this platform and built one of the most affordable, flexible and versatile web-2-print and photo book solutions on the market.

Why we chose OpenCart

  • The shopping cart, customer & order management logic is already there, and it works very reliable.
  • It’s stable, flexible, fast, lean and extendable – “open” as the name nicely implies.
  • It has hundreds of payment gateways, layout templates, languages and 3rd party extensions.
  • It has all the features & more that are needed for a Web2Print photo book & print product business.
  • It has a flexible database, designed for high traffic & availability.
  • It shares our philosophy of good design and standardization better than most of its competitors.

Key features of the 3P OpenCart Storefront & Administration

  • Customer storefront with shopping cart & content management
  • Multiple subshops, languages & currencies
  • Multiple tax rates, payment gateways & shipping methods
  • Product categories, tag cloud, discount coupons, etc.
  • Failsafe upload interface (interrupted uploads are resumed)
  • Registration with email and subshop verification
  • Multiple uploads (order items) per shopping cart
  • Selected product features displayed in shopping cart
  • Product reordering (no new upload necessary)
  • Uploaded PDF preview with page flipper
  • Automatic OPI rendering after upload
  • Email marketing & other 3rd party extensions available
  • SEO Search engine optimization
  • Backup, restore & error logging tools
  • Shop administration (setup through import of products.xml)
  • Web2print extensions updated through subversion SVN

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Google Photo PublisherThe entire shop is optimized for the most popular search engines, such as Google. No matter whether you require speaking URLs (rewrite), landing and keyword pages or Google sitemap support, everything has been prepared in order to ensure your success on the Internet.

Gateways to Payment Providers

Photo Book PaymentNumerous payment systems have been integrated into the shop system. They include established and popular sites like PayPal, Skrill and Western Union as well as direct banking gateways.

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